Receipt Printer Initial hack

I felt the need to add some content to this site, so I decided to do a quick post about a recipt printer I got almost a year ago. It was bought to be hacked, I wanted to interface it with a microcontroller. The nice thing about this one was that it used a serial communications and the protocol was documented well, well suited for using with a micro.

Also, it had the brand Nokia on it, which my nationalistic Finnish heart just couldn't resist.

Replacing capacitors on Iwatsu SS-7611 Oscilloscope


I got an Iwatsu SS-7611 oscilloscope from my University when they were clearing out some of their old equipment. The specs are quite nice: It's an analog oscilloscope with a bandwidth of 100MHz and 4 channels.

Simple Arduino Shield

This is just a small Arduino LCD shield I designed at the request of my university, it's meant to be used in a C programming class.

It's got a regular HD44780 LCD, a reset button and two buttons for input. Backlight can be controlled via PWM, if needed. It's size is 5cm by 5cm, so it can be cheaply manufactured with Seeed Studio's Fusion PCB service.

I've got 100 pieces of those PCBs right now. Thankfully, I'm not going to have to solder all of them.
Some more pictures after the break.

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